Blauäugig - blue eyes - occhi blu da fiordaliso

Blauäugig. So gehe ich wohl an diese Blog-Geschichte. Vielleicht sollte ich mir vorher den ein oder anderen Ratgeber durchlesen, guter Rat ist heutzutage nicht immer teuer, das world wide web macht´s möglich. Und scheinbar sollte auch der ein oder andere Blog dies bieten. Meiner wohl nicht. Aber wenn man dabei so wunderbar aussieht wie dieser Isländer, ist doch alles ok?


Blue eyes. Well, I could write about the "blue-eyed" experiment, once made to "explain" certain dangerous developments. To open eyes to see and feel. But before, I should definitely reed again about it in detail. It´s a (too) serious topic.


So maybe to stick with this marvelous blue horse-eye. After nearly half a life-time passed (at this stage), I made it finally to Iceland. A wonderful journey. The "Golden Circle" Ishestar trail was a dream came true. Despite the rain pouring down on some days, we all stayed positive. Our tour-"lady" –  the perfect Icelandic wonderwoman, I think maybe nearly all are like her, formed and raised in this special environment – well, she mentioned how lucky we were and how rare this group was. Once in a lifetime memories :-) For instance: the american couple giving us an evening concert: he playing the piano, she with a marvelous voice – could have been on a Broadway club while staying at the Geysir-Hotel. Wide nature outside, roaming with the horses, hot springs in the evenings and porridge at breakfast. I'm still eating sometimes porridge, kind of a boost of lucky feelings it provides (found a really tasty one).

I think this journey could deserve a Blog of it's own. We'll see


"Occhi blu da fiordaliso", credo sia da una canzone di De André. Ma è raro che mi ricordo titoli o cantanti, quindi non aspettateci di più da me qui. Passando i campi, ho notato l'anno scorso, che non si vedono più i fiordalisi. Le margherite e i papaveri sì. Magari delle cicorie si trovano lungo qualche bordo, nigelle in qualche giardino. Fiordalisi da trovare (meta di quest'anno). Nell'hinterland milanese c'erano? Non lo saprei più dire. Dovrei chiedere i miei amici.